Choosing The Best Trail Camera For Your Needs

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Factors that should be considered when choosing the right trail camera for your needs:


Where is the trail camera going to be located?  On private ground of public property could help determine the cost.  If you are going to place the camera on ground that could have other hunters, you may want to purchase a camlock box and a python cable.


Image size, trigger speed, photo burst, video options are some of the many features offered on these trail cameras.  The bigger the image the more memory that the photos will use.  Also the larger image size are better if you plan on having your photos enlarged.  However if you are just using your camea to scout for deer, you may want to same the extra cash and buy a camera with less megapixels.

Another feature to consider is an IR camera.  IR or infrared game camera are a excellent solution because they have a much longer battery life than the older flash cameras.

Trigger speed is the amount of time between a camera being triggered and a picture being taken.  This important because if you have a slow trigger speed then you could miss your subject all together.  Photo burst basically allows you to set the trail camera to take between 1-3 pictures everytime it is activated.  Video Options are also available on most cameras, some camera even have HD video.

Another feature available on some camera is Wireless MMS.  This feature allows you to email computer or text pictures to your phone.  Before purchasing a Wireless MMS camera please make sure you can get a AT&T or T-Mobile on your hunting ground.

These are just some of the basic factors to consider when buying a trail camera.   If you have any questions please comment or email me.


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  • Kenn says:

    I am ready to purchase a trail camera but my ignorance prevents me from doing so. I really wanted a wireless type but all the literature has talked me out of it. I don't want another monthly internet bill.
    I hunt but seldom see deer. I don't know if there are no deer on the property, or if they are just nocturnal. It takes me an hour to get out to my stand, which means two hours of driving to swap out a memory card, take it home and view it on my computer. Any suggestions?

    Posted on November 29, 2012 at 1:41 pm